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  • A “chain” of “blocks” of information distributed between a network of participants.

  • Decentralized ledger system where networked participant nodes validate information.

  • Each block is shared amongst the network meaning that copies of the data in said block are stored on multiple nodes.

  • By distributing data in this way, data security and incorruptibility are enhanced, the information cannot be changed and cannot be lost.

  • Blockchain isn't a single technology - it's an architecture that allows users to execute transactions and then creates an unchangeable, secure record of said transactions in the network.

  • Applications for blockchain include finance and business, art world (ownership, authenticity and traceability), school and government record systems and so forth. The possibilities are endless!

how does blockchin work


  • Blockchain is a “foundational technology” with the potential to create new foundations for economic and social systems - it’s the next step in digital development.

  • By exposing them to blockchain concepts, they begin to understand how the technology is applied and how it functions.

  • Prepare kids for a future where these cutting-edge technologies will be commonplace.

  • They gain the knowledge to start leveraging blockchain as a tool and conceptualizing multiple applications for the technology.


What Makes Our Course Special?

  • Our introductory course is  FREE* FOR TEACHERS to try on sign-up.

  • Physically demonstrate this highly complex technology using our e-learning platform and ScratchX.

  • Platform access to 6 modules (intro course).

  • Give kids practical, hands-on access to blockchain functionality.

  • Cover the basic foundations of blockchain, suitable for ages 9+, full curriculum included!

  • Scratch is a common coding language, familiar to most kids today.

  • Leveraging Scratch allows us to expose younger kids to the concepts of how blockchain works.


  • Teach Blockchain to Children package is currently available to schools under a Site License  (Multiseat License).

  • Inclusive of 100 teacher accounts, unlimited student accounts and one administrator account.

  • School licences starting at US$650/year with no hidden costs

  • Instant access to our Blockchain and Machine Learning course materials.

  • Access to our upcoming courses once they are available, such as IoT, Big Data and Digital Art.

  • Email support and a dedicated account manager.



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